Fast, easy access to property data, ownership information & phone numbers.

Don't Rely on Others for information.
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Instant Map & Property/Ownership Data on 149+ Million Properties

How Does It Work?

Busy professionals need answers fast.

NeighborScoop supplies investors and real estate professionals with comprehensive property information and up-to-date ownership facts.

Features Include:

  • Over 150 available property/ownership details
  • Owner PHONE NUMBERS (with daily updates as more data is collected)
  • FEMA Flood Area Overlay
  • KML Coordinate Download to Google Earth Pro (or similar tools)
  • Daily updates with coverage of more than 149 million properties and 3,046 counties

Draw a polygon around your target customer map area and quickly download the owner names, addresses, phone numbers, and property details to text or mail special offers to quickly establish priceless direct consumer relationships. Or create more online experiences.

Face it. Extreme retailing is coming.

Features Include:

  • Property and Owner mailing addresses (sometimes you want to reach the owner, not the tenant)
  • Owner PHONE NUMBERS (with daily updates as more data is collected)
  • Property details for marketing strategies (year built, rooms, square footage, sale/mortgage info, etc.)

Interactive Esri ArcGIS Map

Use the interactive map to zoom out, move around the neighborhood & view neighboring property data without running a new search!

Multiple View Modes

Switch the mode of the ESRI map to see Street View & Other topographical images, where available.

Assessor's Data

No need to wrangle the County Assessor's website or visit in person. The details are displayed for you right on your screen.

Owner, Mailing Address, & Phone Number

Current owner as well as previous owner information, including mailing address and phone number, if available.

Download Data

Easy to download every property detail, including the owner's phone number (if available), into a CSV file for use any way you need.

New Features

Your membership entitles you to be the first to try new features as we add them.


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